When a person is having a home assessment or a damage assessment a professional is going to come and look at the home.  They will give the home a complete inspection and find anything that needs to be repaired. https://doc.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-solutions/latest/reference/introduction-to-damage-assessment.htm
               A carrier is a professional that will look at the roof and assess any damage to it. They will look at the age of the roof, the layers, the condition, and everything else related to the roof stability. They will make sure the roof is up to the safety code and if the roof requires repair they will look a the loss. https://nestortakst.no/
               A contractor will come to the home and assess other types of damage. They will look at the entire building and make sure it is up to the safety code. They will give a person an idea of what needs to be fixed and any damage that has been done to the structure of the home.
               A person may want a home damage assessment for many different reasons. Natural disasters are a good reason to have the damage assessed. If a hurricane or even a thunderstorm caused damage to the home, the homeowner is going to need to report the damage to their insurance company to have it repaired. If a person is looking to sell their home this assessment is also important. The condition of the home will have a direct impact on the asking price. If there is damage to the home, the homeowner will not be able to get as much money unless they decide to repair the damage. If they repair the damage they will get more money for the home. Termografi
               These are some of the professionals and areas where home assessment is used. A person will get an idea of how much it will cost to repair the home and bring it up to code. Skadetaksering