When an appraiser is coming to look at a home they are going to assess the damage to the home.  They are also going to look at some of the features to determine what the home is worth. These are some of the big things appraisers look at.
               General Condition
               The appraiser will take a look at the overview of the home and the general condition that it is in. They will also look at the condition of the property. They are looking at the upkeep of the home, the structure, and how well basic things work. They are looking to see if the home has been neglected or if there is anything seriously wrong with the home.
               Location will help determine the value of the home. 
The appraiser will be looking at things such as the crime rate in the area and how close the home is to facilities such as schools and police stations. They will also look at the amount of land that comes with a home.
               The age of the home will have an impact on the value. Some people like older homes so if a home is old this does not mean it will be worth less money. Other factors will come into play in addition to age but it is something that an appraiser will look at.
               The appraiser will want to make sure the structure of the home is sound. They will look for cracks, signs of damage, and other things that will show the home may be a danger. They will also look at the roof to determine how long it has or if it will need to be replaced.
               These are some things a home appraiser will be looking at. All of the factors put together will determine the value of the home.