If a person has their property damaged during a storm an assessor will likely come out and see how much it will cost to repair it. These are some things that the assessor will be looking for.
         Amount of Damage 
         The storm damage assessor is going to come to the property and they are going to look at the damage that was due to the storm. They will look at the exterior of the home and see areas that were damaged. This includes the roof, siding, windows, and doors. If a person has a shed on their policy the assessor will also look at the damage done to this. They will also look at any fallen trees or other damage that has crushed the home or is in the way.
         Once the damage assessor has viewed the outside of the home they will work their way to the interior of the home. They will be looking for any destruction. They will also look for signs of damage from the storm. This includes water damage, fire damage, and damage due to high winds. They will look for anything that has been punctured from the storm and will include this in their report.
         When the storm damage assessor has completed the inspection of the property they will go and they will put together a report on the damage. This will include the loss from the story and an estimate that is needed to fix the property. This is often turned over to the insurance company. They will then agree or disagree with this amount and the next step from insurance will happen.
         If a person had their property damaged from a storm they will need an accessor to come and look at the property. They will help determine the amount of damage and is the first step to getting the property fixed.