Hurricanes do a lot of damage each year. They can blow off roofing, break doors and windows, and it is not uncommon for a tree to blow into a home leading to a lot of damage. If a person has their home impacted by a hurricane they need to get a damaged accessor to the property. The property damage accessor will look at the damage and then help develop a plan for repairs.
         After the storm is over and it is safe to come out the accessor will come out to the property and they will look at the damage. One of the main things they will focus on is the roof. They will look to see if the roof has been damaged and if so if it can be repaired. If there is a hole in the roof due to a tree this is going to be a major project and is something that the access needs to note. The property inspector will look at the damage and they will note the extent of it. 
         When the property inspector is done with the property they will go about accessing the amount of damage. They will give an estimate of the damage that was done to the property and what is going to be needed to do to repair it.  The individual contractor will still need to look at the job but this assessment will allow the insurance company to begin to know what to expect as well as the homeowner. The accessor usually works for the insurance company to give a quote for the damage.
         A damage inspection is needed after a major event such as a hurricane. The accessor will look at the property and will begin the process o following the homeowners to get the repairs they need to get back to their normal life.